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laser goggles


Laser safety glasses is a kind of optical absorption by the polymer materials and synthetic materials,an efficient safety goggles. The goggle fully meet the European standards EN207A1: 2002. Laser goggles to wear comfortable,beautiful,safe and reliable. Sids family safety glasses optical absorption principle: light absorption principle. Incident angle of the light source is not selective,all-round protection to a specific band of laser and bright light.

ypeProtection wavelengthFor typical laserTypical wavelength (nm)Optical DensityVisible Transmittance(%)Eyewear Style
LG25V200~540Nd:YAG DPSS Laser5324+50Optional
Ion Laser5144+Optional
LG67V600~700He-Ne Laser632.84+30Optional
LG81I800~1100Nd:YAG Laser10644+40Optional
LG21A200-540 800~1100Ion Laser5144+40Optional
Nd:YAG DPSS Laser532
Semiconductor Laser808,810 904,980
YAG Laser
LG16I10600CO2 Laser106004+60Optional
LG21I2100Holmium Laser21004+95Optional
LG24V200~450Ar ion Laser Excimer Laser Fourth Harmonic Laser441 488 2664+50Optional
LG81I/S800~1700Semiconductor Laser Fiber Laser1510,530 1610,1550 13504+40Optional
LG78I750~820Diode Laser808,810,7554+40Optional
LG11I1200~1500Nd:YAG Laser13203+40Optional
LG23I2700~3000Er+ Laser29404+40Optional

Laser goggles for all of the above can be Eyewear style models,depending on your preferences to choose.